Hydro-mechanical equipment

Have you chosen professionals from ČKD Blansko? We have a suitable environmental friendly solution for you. We focus on the supply of turnkey hydro power plants with a unit output from 200 kW to 350 MW. We do overhauls and modernisation of existing hydro power plants.

Hydro-mechanical equipment
  • knife valves
  • weir flaps
  • cone, hollow jet cone, radial and regulating valves
  • air release and air inlet valves
  • hydraulically controlled valves – straight-way and corner valves
  • rapid closing gates
  • conduit slide gates
  • stop-logs - assembly and expansion joints
  • trash racks, trash rack cleaning machines and accessories
  • shaped piping
  • bifurcation
  • slide gates
  • lock chamber gates
  • temporary weir
  • slide gates with flaps